PyLOSt (Python Large Optic Stitching) is a software framework intended for the stitching and analysis of sub- aperture surface metrology data from X-ray mirrors. The application was originally developed at the ESRF by Bharath Reddy Adapa as part of the CALIPSOplus MooNpics JRA. The code has continued to be developed within the Superflat Workpackage.


In addition to the stitching capabilities PyLOSt incorporates many data analysis and visualisation features.

PyLOST has been extended as orange-pylost to run in the Orange data analysis suite1 which provides an intuitive interface to the data pre-processing, stitching and analysis tools.  Orange-pylost is the currently maintained version.

The software is Open Source and is issued under the MIT license. 

1. J. Demsar et al., (2013) Orange: Data Mining Toolbox in Python, Journal of Machine Learning Research  14 2349−2353.

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