Figure Correction

This Superflat task aims to explore basic limits of figure correction technologies for X-ray mirrors in view of more complex optical figures beyond flats.

Task strategy:

Diverse technologies exist for the corrective figuring of reflective surfaces. This task will explore the characteristics and performance limits of several candidate technologies for X-ray applications.

A number of subtractive methods for the preparation of optical surfaces have gained popularity with ion beam figuring (IBF) being already well established for X-ray mirror manufacturing and magnetorheological finishing (MRF) already finding applications for visible light optics.

The task participants will use their to investigate (with optics and commercial equipment manufacturers) currently available processing methods to validate their potential to produce complex aspheric surface topographies.

In parallel the participants will explore some of the more basic limits of surface processing developed in-house, in particular, IBF (DIAMOND) and alternative, additive methods, based upon differential deposition (ESRF).