Joint Purchasing Agreement signed, 2 August 2021

Important milestone for the Superflat PCP

The partner light sources managing the Superflat PCP recently signed  a ‘Joint Purchasing Agreement’ (JPA).

A shared approach to procurement of R&D

One of the first steps in starting the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process is to establish a Joint Procurement Agreement (JPA) between the Superflat partners.

The JPA provides a legal framework desribing how the partners will work together in the PCP.  It outlines the roles of the various signatories and how they contribute to the PCP process and formalises the decision making processes of the group.  Soleil will act as the lead procurer for the Superflat PCP which, in essence, means that Soleil will act on behalf of the group  in particular passing the contract with the companies. This is the first time that the LEAPS facilities have acted together in such a coordinated approach for procuring R&D services and represents a significant milestone for the Superflat PCP workpackage.